Jo - Puddle Pics

Hi my name is Joanne Slaughter and I started Puddle Pics six years ago after I discovered the sport of scuba diving and worked as an underwater photographer in the dive industry.

I was introduced to the idea of photographing children underwater when my first daughter Kayla was born. The positive reaction I received of her underwater photos was so overwhelming that I realized there was a growing demand for children’s professional underwater photography.


Puddle Pics - Equipment

Puddle Pics Photographers use state of the art underwater camera equipment and lightning to ensure our customers receive high quality photos.

I believe that with the digital age upon us it is important for our customers to have digital copies of their photos. This allows them full flexibility to share their photos with family and friends through a variety of digital media.


Puddle Pics - Professional

Six years on we now service over 100-swim schools in Sydney and have sold to over 50,000 parents.

My goal is to provide a safe, fun and professional underwater photography service to all my business partners and general customers. Our competitive prices ensure that this unique service is available to everyone who loves swimming and having fun in the water.