Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to book?

Bookings are not required. Make sure you don't miss your swim lesson and advise the Puddle Pics staff that you would like your child photographed when you arrive to swimming.

How long does the shoot take?

The photo shoot takes 3 to 5 minutes depending on your child's swimming ability and then they are returned to their lesson.

What if my child is not a strong swimmer?

Puddle Pics staff are trained to test and determine each child's swimming ability prior to the photo shoot. This assessment allows us to determine what photos can be taken. If assistance is needed we will have staff on hand. 

Are the packages per child or per family?

All photo packages are per family. This means you can pick photos of each child and together if you wish.

When do I view the photos?

Photos are viewed straight after your child's lesson at the swim school. If you can't view them that day we will keep the photos for the week of the shoot so you can pop back in during swim school hours.

Do you do prints?

We do not offer prints. We sell you the high-resolution image to give you full flexibility to print as many copies as you like in multiple sizes.


How do I receive the digital images?

We email you the images on the spot. You can also choose to purchase a USB for an additional $7. Customers who purchase the $200 package receive images on a usb at no extra cost. 


What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all forms of payment. We also offer afterpay for packages over $100.


Do I have to pay for my child to be photographed?

No. We will photograph your child during their lesson and you will then get to view the photos straight after. There is no obligation to buy if you don't like them. 

Can my child be photographed after the lesson?

Yes they can but please keep in mind that there could be a wait if a number of parents choose to do the same. This also means there could be further wait times to view the photos. 

Can I get sibling photos done?

Yes. If you have two children we will do it during the lesson time. If you have three children or more it is done after the lesson as it will take longer. 

Can I get in the water with my kids?

Yes. Let the Puddle Pics staff know and we will fit you in.

Can I view the photos online?

Puddle Pics does not offer online viewing on the website but we are able to create an electronic proof sheet of your child's photos and email it to you. There is a $35 charge for this service and it includes a high res digital photo of your choice. The service is non-refundable.


How long do you keep the photos for?

Photos are kept for the duration of the current school term the photo shoot occurred in. Once that term finishes all unsold photos are deleted.


My swim school does not offer your service. How can I get photos done?

Contact us at [email protected] with your swim school details so we can make contact. You can also check the website for our photo shoot schedule. Customers can attend a photo shoot if its in a public pool. You just have to pay the entry fee.


Can I pay later?

Yes we can save your favourite photos and you can pay later. Make sure to choose them at the school. We will then send you an email reminder with the photo numbers and you can pay online. 

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