Preparing for a photo shoot

Below are the step by step instructions detailing what your swim school should do prior to a shoot with Puddle Pics. Please read this carefully and if you have any additional questions contact us as soon as possible.

A month before:

  • Display A3 posters in prominent locations around your swim school
  • Have brochures available at reception
  • Brief reception staff:
    • No bookings are required
    • Parents need to tell Puddle Pics staff if they want their children photographed
    • There is no obligation to buy, they can have a go and see 
    • Pricing packages are on the back of the Puddle Pics brochure
    • 20% discount for staff children
  •  Announce Swim School Photo Week on social media

A WEEK before:

  • Brief instructors and deck staff:
    • No bookings are required and only children whose parents agree will be photographed.
    • Photos are taken during the lesson, indicate where the agreed photography location will be.
    • Instructors keep teaching, Puddle Pics staff will identify who is next, get them from class, photograph them and return them to class.  This takes a maximum of 5 minutes.
    • For baby classes where the parent is in the water Puddle Pics will speak to the parents as a group to find out who wants photos. This takes less than a minute.
    • Instructors can mention Photo Week at the end of each class and encourage children to wear their most colourful bathers.
    • Inform instructors if you want underwater staff photos, individual or group.
    • 20% discount for staff children
  • Have reception remind parents of the following weeks shoot.
  • Post 7 more sleeps announcement via social media.
  • Check water clarity and start any treatment required to have the best clarity possible

During Photo Week:

  • Share any posts made by Puddle Pics during the week.
  • Have reception staff remind parents when they check in / arrive.
  • Use text message system each morning to remind parents if available.
  • Keep an eye on water clarity and take action if necessary.
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